A few things we’re great at

I can help you to grow, manage and monitor your community organisation growth

Volunteer Management

How to manage volunteers and relationships within teams. I can help you with volunteer pathways and designing your volunteer teams. We can create the volunteer handbooks and policies that you need to have in place for your community.

You can contract me to roll on a recruitment and interviews. I can be contracted for several weeks to deliver service or you can hire me on hourly basis.

Project Management

Looking to implement change but don’t have enough staff to run a project? I am a freelance project manager. Bringing you fresh perspectives and solutions to your organisation.

I can work with you on specific project or you can contract me for few weeks, even hours.

Social Media Management

I can create social media designs and implement strategies. I specialise in interactive and responsive designs that you can use as well. I will provide a training so you will be able to manage your social media channels. I know how it is to run a business where changes need to be made several times per week. I can do as much or as little you want. I can teach you to be your own social media manager or I can do it for you.

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