Volunteer Managment

Are you looking to streamline your volunteer management process and ensure your organization’s volunteer team is motivated, engaged, and making the most impact?

I offer freelance volunteer management services tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Training for professionals

Learn how to support migrant families in their perinatal journey or join our training to enhance your research skills. Navigate evidence, apply findings ethically, and enhance practice for optimal maternal care.


Looking to implement change but don’t have enough staff to run a project? I am a freelance project manager. Bringing you fresh perspectives and solutions to your organisation.

Community Growth

You want to work with people, change their lives, and improve them. You might even have people with you who want the same. You want to create something bigger, a space where your clients are supported. You have lived experience and you know the struggles. Let me help you create a plan, structure and pathway for your organisation to thrive. I can help you grow and succeed.

What My clients say

“I have known Anna since June 2019.  It soon became apparent that Anna had extensive experience and knowledge of maternity services. Her role was to to identify, recruit and train volunteers. She is an enthusiastic, hardworking, passionate individual who believes strongly in personalised care.”

I recommend it with a clear conscience. In my case, an online meeting for the last call, but luckily it was possible. A lot of issues were clarified for us that had been previously overlooked. Now I feel, above all, calmer. Thank you